How Long Does a Roof Last?

Whether you’re buying or selling a home — or you want to make sure you’re taking great care of the one you already own — the age of the roof is something that’s important to keep in mind. While a roof is designed to last years, it won’t last forever. Knowing how long a roof should last is something that’s important for every homeowner.

All roofs aren’t created equal, though. The lifespan of your roof depends on what kind of materials it’s made from. Of course, weather events can also affect how long (and how well) it lasts, so those are things to take into consideration, too.

Life expectancies for different roofing materials

Shingles have the important job of protecting your home, but there are many different types of roofing materials on the market. The type of roofing material can affect how long your roof lasts, and the region … Read more

How to Get Wi-Fi in Your Car

If you’re always looking for a Wi-Fi connection to link to when you’re away from home, installing car Wi-Fi may make sense. From factory options to aftermarket devices, there are many ways to get Wi-Fi connectivity in your car. Learn more about what these systems do before making your decision.

What is Wi-Fi in your car?

Wi-Fi in your car is like your wireless network in your home. Some newer-model cars are now equipped with Wi-Fi built in with their tech features, bringing the convenience of a wireless network to your automobile with a built-in modem and router. You can use your smartphone’s hotspot option or use a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device in your car, but for the better connectivity, a built in Wi-Fi option typically provides consistent, reliable service.[1]

How to use a Wi-Fi hotspot device

If your car didn’t come with a Wi-Fi system pre-installed, you still … Read more

A Message from Chief Customer Officer Amy Shore about the Coronavirus

Our valued customers:

These are certainly unprecedented times. No one could have ever imagined in an age where people are more connected than ever before, we would be practicing social distancing and isolation. Not only can it seem unsettling in the here and now, the market volatility can make the future seem even more uncertain.  At Nationwide, we believe we have a tremendous opportunity – and responsibility – to deliver our on your side commitment.

We have been preparing for several weeks to take action on the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the dramatic shifts in the market.

  • In support of the need to flatten the Coronavirus curve, we are implementing a progressive work-from-home policy for most of our associates. We are well-equipped technologically and operationally, and have taken steps to ensure our ability to serve you with minimal disruption.
  • We do anticipate higher call volume, especially during
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Teen Driver Technologies That Help Young Drivers Stay Safe

When your teenager gets their car and license, you might feel both proud and nervous at the same time. This ritual of growing up means a newfound freedom for teens, and perhaps a few more gray hairs for mom and dad. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are at high risk for collisions.[1] With all the distractions on the road, along with smartphones, music and friends, how can you keep your teen safe while driving? Fortunately, new technologies offer many options to help your teen stay safe.

Teen driver technology in cars

Just as that cellphone gets updated all the time, some cars are now equipped with unique technologies to help keep your teen driver safe. Many manufacturers are adding systems that allow you to customize various options in the car. This includes controlling the level of the stereo, tracking … Read more