5 Tips on How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting

Given that 62% of U.S. employees have worked from home in some capacity this year, videoconferencing has seemingly become a part of everyday life.[1]While an online meeting offers a useful, flexible way to keep work moving forward, many people struggle to avoid distractions and maintain professionalism when meeting remotely.

Learning how to conduct an online meeting — and how to be a good web meeting attendee — is crucial. Online meetings sound intuitive, but you may be overlooking a number of important things. To make your next work gathering a success, consider the following remote meeting tips.

1. Choose an online meeting app

There are many online meeting apps.  All of them operate fairly similarly. Chances are you’ll use one of the more popular communication apps out there, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx. Note that your employer may require that you use a specific program to … Read more

7 small business network security tips

This post was originally published on Oct. 19, 2018, and was updated on Oct. 27, 2020.

Have you ever had your email or social media hacked? It’s upsetting, and the results can be devastating, both personally and professionally. That’s why I’ve put together these small business network security tips to help keep your accounts secure.

Chances are you operate certain aspects of your business from within your home, on your mobile device or through a shared network at your office or coworking space. The beauty of the internet is that it enables us to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively in the moment, so we can continue to focus on the core functionalities of our business. That being said, it’s important that we understand and remain vigilant of the risks of being connected to the internet.

So let’s talk small business network security.

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Why care about

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How Do Car Engines Work?

Despite their relatively easy operation, cars are actually very complex machines.  Cars need fuel to operate, but what does the engine actually do with it?

In general, a standard internal combustion engine — what the majority of fuel-powered vehicles have today — uses air combined with gasoline to produce power.[1] Of course, it gets more complicated.

Components of an engine

Before diving into how a car engine functions, it will help to learn its basic anatomy (also critical if you need to perform any car maintenance). Take a look at the car engine diagram below, then review the list of the engine’s main components and their function:


  • Engine block: Typically made of iron or aluminum, the engine block houses the majority of the parts that make the engine run, including the cylinders, pistons, crankshaft and camshaft.[2] (If you’re popping open the hood, the engine block will
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Password security & password managers

In the spirit of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), let’s talk about a security basic that many people overlook: passwords. These are one of the most fundamental aspects of website security, yet we too often see webmasters taking a lax approach to secure passwords.

In fact, the online security provider TeamPassword found that last year the most commonly leaked password was 123456. That edges out some real gems including qwerty and the always-popular password.

Thing is, everyone has their own password policy. It’s very personal and usually based on a set of assumptions about online security. Many users choose policies of efficiency over security. Even the paranoid among us have to confront the truth.

Like any defensive measure, best practices in password management can only minimize the level of risk.

Password management is a choice — and a habit. By taking a deeper look, users can make … Read more