🏠 Final Walk Through Checklist for New Homeowners

It’s official: You’re going to be a homeowner. Now comes a critical step – making sure every room, wall and appliance is in tip-top shape and just the way you agreed upon with the seller before closing. Having a thorough new home walk through checklist beforehand can help ensure that you have your bases covered when inspecting a house during a final walk through. All in all, you should confirm that everything is in working order and the house is in the same condition as it was when you last saw it – with the exception of any changes you negotiated in the contract.

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Initial final walk through items to check:

  • Are all items you’ve purchased with the house still present?
  • Has all personal property and unwanted items been removed according to the terms of your contract?
  • Have all necessary repairs been made after the home
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Moving Out Checklist: Get Your Security Deposit Back

The end of your lease is approaching and it’s almost time to move. One of the key things you may be concerned about is whether you’ll get your security deposit refunded. Our moving-out checklist details what typically needs to be cleaned in an apartment to help you get your security deposit returned. Review the move out cleaning checklist below or download our printable PDF version and tick off all the boxes before you give your apartment keys back.


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According to a survey by Rent.com, more than 25% of renters don’t get their security deposit back. To help avoid being in that group, thoroughly inspect every room and ask yourself: Is everything in working order? Is it clean? Any damage? Have there been changes made that need to be reversed?

Move out cleaning checklist


  • Mop all tile and hardwood floors
  • Fix tears, holes or
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How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

If you want the freshest produce possible, consider planting your own home garden—after all, you can’t get any closer to your kitchen table than your own backyard. Growing your own vegetables is thrifty, too. According to the National Gardening Association, the average family with a garden spends $70 on their crops—but they grow an estimated $600 worth of veggies!

10 Steps to Starting a Vegetable Garden

To get started, here are 10 steps recommended by the National Gardening Association.

1. Choose the right location

Choose a location for the garden that has plenty of sun, ample space and close proximity to your hose or water source. Find a level area to help prevent erosion.

2. Select your veggies

Decide what produce to include based on your climate, space, tastes and level of expertise. Newcomers may want to consider some of the easier crops to grow, like carrots, beans, cucumbers, … Read more

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How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

As winter snow starts to melt and icy roadways clear up under sunny spring skies, navigating streets and highways is a much more pleasurable and safer experience. It’s also the time when motorcycle owners begin to plan their first ride of the season.

But before putting on your helmet and zipping off for an exhilarating ride, you should take time for a thorough inspection of your bike. A lot can happen with your motorcycle during the time it was stored. An annual top-to-bottom motorcycle inspection, from tires to spark plugs and fluid levels, ensures you get the best and safest performance from your bike.

“Just like warming up your body with stretching exercises before exerting yourself, checking and prepping your motorcycle before every ride is wise to prevent any mishaps.” says Peter terHorst, spokesman for the American Motorcycle Association.

Peter terHorst recommends a checklist, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s T-CLOCS Read more

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5 Tips for a Safe Memorial Day Holiday

For many people, Memorial Day is a time to celebrate freedom, in more ways than one. We salute the U.S. veterans who sacrificed to preserve and protect us. And many of us celebrate freedom of the road on this holiday.

Memorial Day traffic is one of the heaviest, which translates into more accidents. According to the National Safety Council , an average of 358 fatal accidents happen per year during the Memorial Day weekend.

Protect your family with these Memorial Day safety tips from the NHTSA:

1. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol and driving is always a bad mix. Every day, nearly 30 people in the U.S. die in a motor-vehicle crash involving an alcohol-impaired driver. If you have young drivers, learn how to talk to teens about alcohol.

2. Keep your tires properly inflated

If Memorial Day weekend means a road trip for you and the gang, make sure … Read more

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